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Find out about all of Progeny's upcoming events and learn and see pictures and resources of past events. 

Upcoming Events

The 40 Million Dollar Investment

As a community we gathered to reimagine what our communities should look like.

Senate Bill 367 set up a reinvestment fund to support evidence-based community programs with funds that otherwise would be spent on youth incarceration. $40 million in reinvestment funds to REIMAGINE the youth justice system in Kansas. To provide programs and services that will help youth and their families.


Past Events

The Sit Down w/ Progeny: A discussion by the youth for the youth

Progeny had a sit down discussion with our youth leaders and other young people from our community. We had real life discussions, shared music, and discussed opportunities for youth justice advocacy!

Debt Free Justice: Fines & Fees Community Listening Session

A Community Listening Session to bring awareness about the Debt Free Justice Campaign. Community members, partners, and allies shared their thoughts, hopes, and concerns about fees and fines.

Art Exhibit: Too Deeply Rooted To Be Muted

This exhibit was the culmination of a collaborative effort to uplift the stories and leadership of young women in Wichita. The pieces are mixed media paintings over photo portraits of the artists (photography by Yadira Palacios).


Also featured is a stunning mural by Kamela Eaton titled Too Deeply Rooted to be Muted. Commissioned by Destination Innovation, this piece honors the powerful voices of young people speaking up for themselves against abuse and oppression, and speaking up for other youth whose voices have been ignored or stolen from them.  It is a visual representation of the refusal of young people to be silenced in the face of injustice.  

I Am Why Workshop

Young women participated in a workshop series about empowerment through storytelling and visual representation. The workshops were put on by two organizations - I Am Why and Destination Innovation.

I Am Why is a movement for self-determination and justice that centers young women and gender expansive activists. Through individual stories, artwork, research and action, I Am Why’s young activists are reclaiming and re-creating their narrative.

Yusef's Awarded the Spirit of Youth Award

Yusef Presley won the Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) Spirit of Youth Award! He and some of the Progeny team went Washington DC for CJJ conference and to accept this award for his work. 

The Youth First Initiative Convening is where juvenile justice programs from all over the country come together to heal, fellowship, build and learn from each other. This year the convening was held in Berkley, California

Youth First Convening

State of Youth

Every year in partnership with Juneteenth ICT, Progeny hosts a State of Youth Conversation with young people from different organization to analyze and speak on the current state of youth in Wichita. 

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